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: yes, it was. check four. colin powell rush limbaugh soap opera continues. as we pointed out last week general powell does not appear on fox news, preferring cnn. they almost always ask him about limbaugh. >> mr. limbaugh is entitled to his point of view. that's what makes this country great. is he free to criticize me all he wishes to. >> of course. >> because i can handle his criticism. the problem having with the party right now is when he says things that i consider to be completely outrageous and i respond to it i would like to see other members of the party do likewise. but they don't. >> do you think they are afraid to take him on? >> i know a number of instances where sitting members in congress or elsewhere in positions of responsibility of the party made like criticism of this -- of are you sure and within 24 hours they were backing away. >> why? >> because there is a strong base of support for mr. limbaugh. bill: check 5. as we predicted, the octomom naudia suleman has secured a reality program. the european company will feature her and her 14 children. filming is expected t
, and they will tune in your radio show. bill: they tried to do that with rush limbaugh, and i think they had a victory by having rush limbaugh running the republican party, and now they are trying to do that to fox ms. buy saying, "fox news is trying to destroy it -- they are trying to do that with fox news by saying, "fox news is trying to distort it -- to destroy it. do not let them." >> they are pointing out the facts about it. i have had 150,000 people buy my book so far. people are learning the facts and understanding that if this thing goes through it is going to be like canada. 8-week waits if you have cancer. canada has a 25% higher cancer rates. this is life and death. bill: if they do not get the micro of it, they are getting the macro of it, that there are going to be big changes, and the changes could be harmful. budick morris, everybody. by his book, "catastrophe." directly ahead, senator claire mccaskill will be here. i will be gentle with her. and later, miley cyrus. is the 16-year-old being marketed as a sex sex bill: as we mentioned in the talking points memo, senator claire mccaskill
and fox news and rush limbaugh have been their three targets. in the long run, you can't govern that way. and i think it weakens them. it sure doesn't weaken fox news shep. bill: that's for sure. the ratings are in record territory for us. mr. speaker, thanks very much. reappreciate it. >> good to be with you. bill: the dumbest things of the week. there were plenty of things to choose from. we will run them down for you as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. naing onon ud r. weotototatatininci on us cars for everybody anont cfidedence ininin o. caususususlendnds s ve a a a t tcks. ququq n . >> bill: dumbest things of the week. i'm a simple man. i like the concept because it is simple. here now to present the massively dumb radio host faith sally and fox news correspondent julia cuddy. you select add hillary clinton situation but not what she said, what secretary of state clinton said. but what was said about her trip to africa? roll the tape. >> she had done 22 speeches and five interviews and she was exhausted and clearly some would say having
, attack hannity, limbaugh, hewitt, well bortz, fox news, what a shock, fox news. >> they've attacked fox? sean: can you believe? >> but that's funny. when people have the right to ask what is going on, where is my taxpayer money going, what is going to happen to my health care and my choices and my freedoms, they get mad. sean: people are asking smart questions. >> and they don't like it and people like sean hannity or rush rush limbaugh are inciting mobs, inciting fear. just answer our questions and there won't be a problem. sean: all right. so the net fallout is if mcdonald wins in virginia, and christie wins in new jersey, that tells us what? >> that tells us that the democrats had better back up in a hurry. if i were a democrat in the house i wouldn't vote after this until after i saw those elections. if christie and mcdonald win, that's trouble for them. sean: the blue dogs if they support cap and tax -- >> they're done. sean: stimulus, they're done. >> they're history. sean: are you ready for our concert? [cheers and applause] guys, good to see you. thank you. leeann, love to see y
tactic. they have attacked fox, rush limbaugh, sean hannity, health care industry, banks, big business. they always need someone to hate. >> campaign politics is about division in my view, having covered a lot of campaigns, but who do you make your enemies? in the end you need insurance companies. no one says this, his plan, insurance companies won't turn a profit. that's going to happen. sean: even the c.b.o. says, tens of millions of people are going to be forced into that public option, if you believe the heritage foundation. they are predicting 88 million people will be forced out. >> look, the administration has to answer these questions. we can't just go blindly into accepting health care program that hasn't had any -- i mean, look, we haven't divided the health care program up enough to understand what the future is going to bring about and i think the american people right now are frustrated. you know, i can't take the two sides of this, but what i can tell you, i'm getting emails every day from the american people and they feel they aren't being listened to. sean: it's one thi
. buckls gone, and there are a the rush limbaughs, bill o'reilly's, and glenn beck's. ççi think "newsweek" has jumpd with this one. there is a far-ççleft acela. the editors of "newsweek" did not tell its readers about his ideology -- there is a far-left writer. >> i am sus@risedç that you wod not understand what "newsweek" is. you take it is a news magazine. neither is "time" magazine a newsmagazine. ççthey are liberal journals of opinion at that. so what would they identify this person as a left-wing activist? because their audience, their readers do notç care that this personç was an left-wing activist. they're in a fight, literally, bill, for survival, and in that fight, they are aiming at a niche audienceç of liberals wih çmoney. bill: urban, affluent people. that is not what the editor of newsweekç putç the journal ofo be. ççhe is about as far left as e can be. >> he hates fox. çheç joined a movement to -- i forget the name of it, but it is a hate fox movement. bill: all right, now, as they have been exposed asç a fraud. ç>> i have come to the conclu
. >> here is no surprise, rush limbaugh did not like what the congresswoman had to say. >> represented to betsy markey told a gathering of constituents that some people will have to give it a chance to fix the system. >> no one is one to suffer any benefit cuts. but here are the democrats running around. there have to be. folks, medicaid and. he is also a doctor. >> people are going to revolt of that what happens. >> they have the votes. he can do it. he does not have to listen to you. why should they really care if they really felt passionate about this bill. >> let's see if they really do have the votes. and we have to u.s. senators that will vote against this bill. it is up to you to make sure that your other senator also votes against it. there are others that are concerned about voting for this especially with what is going on economically. we do not have -- we are looking at a mountain of debt. some recipients will have to help reform the medical benefits. >> she is talking about a medical bill that has 33 new entitlements. this is a huge expansion and it is not meant to do this.
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)